Malcolm Newell's Creations

  • Quasar VF750 after roof raised

    Honda VF750 Quasar (1986)

    Probably the best marriage of a modern motorcycle engine with the classic Quasar shape, further enhanced by the use of a Bob Tait hub centre steering system. Honda's V-Four shaft driven motor could almost have been designed for the Quasar! Malcolm built this machine in 1986 and it has just been revived by John Cooper after languishing in a garage for many years. PNB

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  • Looks like a child's scribble but these are real aeros!

    Moto Guzzi-based Phasars & Quasars

    Malcolm Newell's Phasars and Quasars powered by Moto Guzzi engines.

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    Quasar Brochure

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