Voyager 02 sold to Chris Baker

Voyager 02 sold to Chris BakerVoyager 02 sold to Chris BakerVoyager 02, owned by Jim Moylan since buying it from manufacturers SCL in 1991 has been sold to Chris Baker, who provided a workshop for Malcolm Newell before his death and also the Difazio front end used in High Tech 001 (Ducati). Jim had to give up riding after a heart attack last year and should be congratulated for the care he has taken with 02 during the 42,000 miles he covered with it. Chris plans to go right on using 02 and intends to fit several of the updates developed over the last fifteen years. The good people of Bristol can expect shortly see two Voyagers around and about. This is only the second Voyager to aquire a second owner.

Voyager 02 sold to Chris Baker

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New owner

Chris Baker, eh?

Nice one, Chris.