Quasars, IoM

Here's another historical moment. I don't think someone's being offered a haircut so they'll fit in the cockpit. Malcome's helmet is hanging off his Quasar's handlebar so he'll be chatting up a woman somewhere off-camera.

This picture emerged elsewhere, unknown photographer. It's 1978, the foreground Quasar is Malcomes normal demonstrator, the green one in the background was put together for this event.

Quasars, IoM

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Quasar '78

I see a yoofull RC and someone with great hair, who dat? and is that a yung Tribble?

I seem to remember...

Probably what's happening is this;-

The thing in my hand is a spliff. The guy on the right just had a toke and is trying to remember his name. The guy in the middle's head has just exploded.

But I'm not sure. It was the seventies and I was there, how could I remember?