Royce & the Original Green Voyager, 1988

This photo was actually taken a few weeks after the Top Gear filming at Wroughton, in Stafford, just after the Stafford Classic Bike show, but the Voyager, and Royce Creasey, both look pretty much as they did on the TV programme!
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Royce & the Original Green Voyager, 1988

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and then...

The Voyager production project was just getting under way in Wales at this time, and a few months later 002 met that Fiat 132 on the A420 at Marshfield in Wiltshire, totalling the helmet, Barbour jacket, trousers and much of 002 - Not to mention the Fiat!

16 More pix of 002, the original Voyager 'Green 'Un'

There are 16 more photos of the original green Voyager prototype, including a couple of post-crash pix, here:

and the rest

In the course of chasing mice out of my attic I've had to excavate an entire attic space, leading in turn to repositioning the stored FF archive. So I've now got access to all my photos, including those of 002 during the Voyager project 'pitch'. Didn't find the NSU Hammock photos yet.

I'd rather look at pictures of this, or next, years pictures of FF's though - and I've got an excuse;- Windows 10 doesn't support my scanner, got to fix that first.

Baumm NSU Hammocks in Historic section

There are of course 9 photos of the Baumm NSU Hammocks in the historic section of Bikeweb, including two in colour taken in 2009 when John Bruce visited the museum. Here:

Of course

However, Ingrids photos would add to the collection of close-ups of the actual hammocks, should I ever find them, or get a scanner working again. But then again, does anyone care? Aerodynamics have moved on dramatically since 1956, even if motorcycling generally has failed to notice.