Recumbent Ready for Testing

Here the bike is ready for a test ride. There are two separate chains, one from the pedals to the motor and a second from the motor to the rear wheel.

There are two one-way mechanisms inside the motor housing, two power sources (pedal and electric) and one output (the driven chain ring). Whichever input (motor or pedals) turns fastest turns the rear wheel. What this means is that the motor can't turn the pedals, and the pedals can't turn the motor - a real bonus when the motor is off! The downside is that there can be no regenerative braking, but given that you can pedal home with a flat battery, this is not a big problem.

The battery is about 0.8kWh and weighs about 5kg

Recumbent Ready for Testing

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How much did it cost? (Also,

How much did it cost? (Also, I've corrected your 'read wheel' typo, but you'll have to put the B in recumbent yourself, in the file name!) PNB


About €750 for the motor/controller. About €500 for the battery and charger. I already had the bike. I bought it second hand a few years ago for €500. That doesn't include bits and bobs like new chain, etc.

Interestingly, Cedric's numbers are spot on even at this scale.

About before you ask - the total weight is now around 30kg with an empty top box (missing from this photo)