zero for sale

Hi everybody With all the interest shown about electric motorcycles recently, Ive just seen a faulty 2016 Zero DS on ebay that might make a cheap conversion project to convert to FF. But as a reference Ive just taken a picture of the battery out off one of my electric van projects, including the battery case it weighs in at approx 2500lb x 8ft long, ok not the very latest technology, but very good quality cells, but at 55kw its approx. the same as a couple of gallons of juice. Make no mistake unless you follow Cedrics and Royces views FF low light and lean, dare I say you will be pissing in the wind. Yours Dave Arthur

zero for sale

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That'll be the Zero DS that "arrived working but now won't repond to charger"? A good example of the problems faced by simple vehicle mechs. like me. First of all it's still over £4K to buy, enough for at least one Rotax V4 powertrain and probably an HCS unit, secondly it's got a problem that can't be fixed with a hammer (Battery bricked due to fatally low charge level?). First I need to earn more money, second I need to hire an Elec. tech. to deal with the non-hammer issues. Either seems unlikely, althugh I'm hopeful that others maybe less handicapped by poverty and ignorance.

On the other hand I'm doubtful if it would be feasible to put two wheels on that van battery pack. It would be lovely to have an E-FF and the C-Evo spec. would do. But I think I'll just have to run FJ into the ground instead - unless it runs me into the ground first.

E-power is coming, but it's an order of magnitude more expensive than building an ICE FF out of scrapyard. FJ's current motor cost £50, plus around £400 total rebuild costs. The rest of the (Guzzi) powertrain cost £200, a little while ago. I'm still using most of it.