Electrom Parked, Oct 2020 (LHS)

A new (October 2020) photo of Fabrizio 'Tig' Cross's Electrom prototype in British Columbia, Canada. Along with sending this photo Tig told me "I’m actually starting the first production run of Electroms as we speak. I’ll be making three at first." Great news. Tig has also contributed to the electric discussion started by Royce entitled (rather vaguely) 'Some Costs' on the home blog page. BTW, contrary to what you might assume, the Electrom is not just a single-seater; Tig has carried both of his children together, at the same time, in the trunk-cum-passenger area. PNB
Photo: © Tig Cross (tweaked in Photoshop by PNB)

Electrom Parked, Oct 2020 (LHS)

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Canada's first E-FF?

Well done Tig Cross! I guess Mr. Lynch may have produced the world's first E-FF, with Arnold Wagner showing the first production E-FF, but Go Canada! Also good to see someone taking the tail section seriously. Hope he doesn't mind the title I've used, so much easier to type than 'recumbant pedelec'!

Oh, And apologies for entirely failing to predict where the "Some costs" thread would go... Not to mention also failing to maintain the English reputation for innovation in this area! At least I'm not alone eh?