New laptop battery packs for EV FFs

Hi I bought all these pre Covid, all brand new, straight out of the warehouse, as I couldn’t afford a Tesla pack. Work issues aside, I quickly established building my own pack was a very time consuming undertaking on such a large scale, (over 800 packs) and so those of you who know me, I have now invested in Jaguar i Pace modules, as my best option. I have already sold these laptop packs onto my wife, who can now spend the time and effort, something I can’t afford to do, and selling on in smaller qty’s, via Ebay etc, but before she did, I wanted her to post on here first at virtually cost, hoping they will further our cause, and bring other peoples projects forward, without costing a fortune for the battery pack. For fellow EV constructors selling for just £4.30 per pack, min 30 packs to 400 packs, don’t ask for more discount. Note after 400 packs have gone, they will have to go £5.00 per pack, as we need to make some profit. But please remember, they have now been sat on the shelves, for some time, so not every pack may be 100%, but at these prices, which are similar to 10 year used job lots on Ebay, its an easy call. Either way, just to be clear, all packs are sold as, is where is, you must decide if fit for use, no warranty given or implied, and no returns or refunds, and cash on collection. Finally many off the packs are 6 cell and nine cell, you will receive equal of each, alternatively, I believe we also have a large qty of pouch cells from Apple or similar laptops, and you can pick these exclusively if you wish. Located at my workshops in Widnes Cheshire, they are available to view most days, and if you text Laptop EV to 07704 106067 and you can arrange to view with her. Yours Dave

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