Ubiquitous Helix.

I purchased the Helix on a whim. What a good decision. The experience has whetted my appetite for FF vehicles.The Helix is fitted with a seat back which I designed to improve comfort on the longer runs. It folds back to give a clear seat for pillion or extra luggage room.

Last week I attended a camping rally at Bedgellert in Snowdonia, Wales. Despite the temperatures being around freezing the Helix performed well and carried me and the camping equipment over 600 miles that week-end.

Whilst there I happened on an old fellow BMW club member who had a Helix. He told me he is about to restart his project of an FF BMW twin. If he doesn't know of this site I shall be sure to tell him.

When at another rally with the BMW on the Helix, club I was persuaded to enter the skills riding contest. Such is the stability of the bike that it took me to first place. Not that the BMW club would give me a prize. This was reserved for a BMW bike. Shame.