BubbleMax (2003)

Phil Meaton's BubbleMax was a superbly finished kit which could be fitted to a standard Yamaha Tmax in barely half an hour. My own personal Tmax was converted to Bubble-spec the night before the launch of the London Congestion charge in February 2003 and Phil and I spent the whole day riding around central London in these two machines before converting my scoot back to standard the same evening. This photo was taken at Marble Arch, on the 'frontier' of the new zone by Bernard Zieja. It shows me in my BubbleMax nearest the camera, complete with fold-up ladder and wheeled toolbox, and Phil and his son in the other one. The Bubble kit was almost ready for volume production and Phil got a lot of very favourable publicity for the project but decided to go off around the world rather than continue with it.

November 2012 update. Compare and contrast this hyper-sensible Tmax with the three 'Hyper-modified' ones commissioned by Yamaha themselves, based on their Mk4 Tmax530.
Paul Blezard.

BubbleMax (2003)

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Bubble canopy

Another missed opportunity, but it does at least demonstratethat a roof/canopy on an FF need not be especially heavy or difficult to see out of.