Monsterbike 2013-11-09 Body is getting nicely formed.

Slowly getting near a finished one side. Once this side is done, we still need to make the mirrorside before we will be able to make negative moulds. But ...we are getting closer each week. I keep you all informed.

Monsterbike 2013-11-09 Body is getting nicely formed.

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I assume this picture shows the 'buck' or male model you're going to take moulds from - the 'positive'? It looks like carved-foam, partially covered with filler - or is it 'clay' (industrial modelling plasticene) I'm still foam-blocking Monoliner out, should be carving in a couple of weeks, hoping to be doing surfaces before mid-winter pagan festival etc.

It's interesting that you're going to moulds, is this a production project? Will you sell bodyshell replica's? Could be an easy way of helping others with bodywork that most seem to find difficult.

Quite like the shape. Did you develop it on the road or in CFD?