2013-11-20 Euh ...where do i place the license plate ???

This question came ...euh ...too late. Was not thinking about it. But ...it is really needed to install a license plate.

Here are my own proposals. Any better ideas are super welcome at the feet forward yahoo group.
Proposal 1: place two license plates. One at the left side along the tailcone, the other at the other side.
Proposal 2: place stickers on both sides.
Proposal 3: install a rather large spoiler on the top of the bike and have it installed there.
Proposal 4: place it under the cone of the tail like some kind of mud guard.

2013-11-20 Euh ...where do i place the license plate ???

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Where to mount the number plate

Although it would break up the razor line of the trailing edge, the obvious way is to insert a rectangular block into the rear edge at a suitable height and just large enough to take the older Belgian square number plate style - then taper the block towards the front of the bike so that it gracefully fairs into the tail as it tapers towards the rear. I've sent you an email with an indescribably crude overlay drawing of what I mean - I've also put it in the One Off image gallery.