Now, With 2WS!

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18 year old

Traditionally you would now go and find an 18 year old with big balls and no imagination...

Details of Two Wheel Steering?

Can anyone give us a link to a detailed explanation of how the two wheel steering actually operates?! PNB

VIdeo Link

How I imagine the 2WS works

Looking at the photos of Robert's bike it appears that steering of the rear is effected by the red link rod clearly seen below the chassis and to the rear of the sump in the above picture. It comes from the bottom of the handlebar stem which goes down vertically between the rider's lower thighs. A similar link rod goes forward to steer the front wheel.

From what I have read about Robert's ideas and experiments the steering of the rear is done in the same direction as the front, but probably with only about half the angular direction change.

It is likely that there is some style of cv joint within the centre of the rear hub which allows power transfer as well as steering, much like a car FWD system.

See this rear hub image elsewhere in Robert's blog:

Attachment to the rear damper will also likely be via a ball or rose joint in order to accomodate the angular change of the rear.

Hope this helps, and I make no claim as to its accuracy. It is simply deduced by what I can see in this picture and others on Robert's blog.

Much respect to his work.