Cedric Lynch + Electric Saiettas with FFEs

This photo, taken at the 2017 Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook, represents a couple of interesting changes in the world of British electric PTWs:
1/ Cedric Lynch is best known for his Lynch, LMC and Agni motors, and in particular for the Agni-powered Suzuki GSXR on which Rob Barber won the first electric TT in 2009. But in 2015 Cedric's Agni company joined forces with Agility to form the Saietta Group. Agility had been making their Agni-powered Saietta electric motorcycle in very small numbers since 2011. The red machine here, on the left, is one of them.
2/ Apart from its unconventional looks, the Agility Saietta was notable for its Hossack-style steering. As you can see here, the new NGS machine on the right features hub centre steering.
It's unusual for any motorcycle manufacturer to dabble in 'Funny Front Ends'; so Saietta is doubly unusual to have used two completely different FFEs, and to have avoided telescopic forks altogether. One would like to think that they would have the vision to combine a Funny Front End with a Feet First layout, particularly since Cedric Lynch himself is a true pioneer in this area with the fully-enclosed electric cabin machine that he's been riding on British roads for over 20 years now.
We can but hope, but I'm not holding my breath! PNB
See here for 24 photos of the Lynch-mobile:
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Cedric Lynch + Electric Saiettas with FFEs

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Agility/Saietta/Lynch know all about FF's and HCS, and have done for years. It's not a lack of vision that's atopped them making E-FFs!

Good to see what looks like a perfectly good double wishbone HCS, I can even see the top wishbone, like the minimalistic ball joints, upright and radial calliper mounting.

About time someone did a 21st. century copy of the 1990s copies of the 1950s invention of the best possible front end for a PTW. Looks entirely rational to me, I wonder if they'll sell a unit for less than a Mk11 Voyager HCS?

More details? close ups? Seems like another relevent bikeweb item.