1976 Honda-powered 350cc Cabin Bike (LHS)

Is it a Pulse? Is it an Ecomobile? No, it's neither. It's a 1970s throwback powered by a Honda 350 engine! Currently on sale in Brittany for £10,800! More pix & info to follow. PNB

1976 Honda-powered 350cc Cabin Bike (LHS)

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Well Paul ive never seen that

Well Paul ive never seen that one before, you sure can dig them up, looks like its been modelled on me almost family with that LEGRONI (if ive got it spelt right ) but it looks well turned out, can you forward any more pics, pity its from Brittany, it will probably be a left hooker Ha. Keep safe. yours Dave

Great aero's

Lovely piece of bodywork there. Only snag is that it will generate less drag going backwards than forwards. So much effort and skill, so little actual aerodynamics. Don't let Arnold see this, he'll be really rude!