15 years...

Shot the top picture when my daughter 'Nina was almost 2 years old - thought it would be fun to re-create it 15 years later.

BOTH bikes were finished AND actually ridden in the present century! Really!! It CAN be done!!!

The next racer's construction is in progress.

Gossip from the clueless and uninvolved (Is there any other kind?) can be found on Facebook groups where I'm NOT involved.

15 years...

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Brilliant stuff! As you ahow, it can be done. I've got a similar picture of my daughter, as a stroppy child, sitting in 001 (Ducati) prototype. She's now a lawyer with two children, living in Oz.

Anyone, with determination, relentless application and skills which can be readily learned (They're the sort of thing people in overalls do all the time) can do things like this. Forget enthusiasm, that'll only last a few weeks of actual grunt. Focus on Physics, clear objectives, ruthless design input - and ignoring the loudmouthed but anonymous egotists that infest social media telling others they can't do things.

Of course it'll take most of your life, test the patience of all that know you and you'll be regarded as a weirdo. These are qualifications not deficiencies.

I'm sure that I am not alone in applauding your effort in Americacn PTW racing and wishing you success.

Another FF builder's daughter in an FF, 32 years ago!

See here for an ancient photo from 1988 featuring the above-mentioned Ms Creasey in her youth: http://bikeweb.com/node/3602
I look forward to seeing a 21st century photo of her in another FF! PNB

Excellent - thanks!

Excellent - thanks!