1995 TurboEco Out Of Hibernation in GB!

Carla McKenzie in her newly-acquired turbocharged 1100 Super Turbo Peraves Ecomobile in Sussex, a few days after buying it (in June 2021) at an obscure East Anglian auction, with the help of a small team of FFers and Tudor Thomas in particular! This 1995 machine has been 'hibernating' for many years in an aircraft hanger in Suffolk since its previous British owner pranged it in London, despite having ridden all the way from Switzerland back to Blighty as a new Eco 'pilot'. It will be a while before it's ready to go back on the road, but a first inspection has not revealed any problems. The marks from the old prang are clearly visible. PNB
Photo: Mark Crowson ('polished' in Photoshop by PNB)

1995 TurboEco Out Of Hibernation in GB!

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Showing the way

It's hard to assess the impact of seeing any sort of reasonably competent FF has on the public 'mind' As far as I know no-one has ever reacted to the Bikeweb address clearly visible on FJ and the "specialist Media" have been studiously ignoring FFs for several decades now - along with anyone with any responsibility for road safety, vehicle design or climate change. Academia meanwhile still struggles to understand how Two Wheelers actually work.

However, everyone who sees an FF in action has the seed planted. "There is another way" Ideas are like virus', they spread through populations with open minds. The FF virus is remarkably persistent but regrettably not very infectious. Possibly most people have been immunised by the motorised bicycle...

Good luck to Carla, enjoying the experience and showing that other way. Good work Tudor and the team that made this happen.