BMW CE04 at FoS 2021

The new BMW CE04 on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, complete with some specs and a posted price of £11,700 OTR, although it wasn't clear whether or not this includes the £1500 UK government grant. As Royce has already remarked, it looks half-finished, with nothing at the back to provide a backrest or a 'boot' or, indeed, half-decent aerodynamics!
There is, however, a large luggage space beneath the seat which would of course be much better used to lower the seat. This machine has a much smaller battery than the C evolution Plus which was launched back in 2017 and is clearly aimed at urban use. On the other hand, it's 44kg lighter than the CevoPlus and its longer wheelbase (66inches/1675mm) and lack of vital electrical gubbins under the seat makes it much more 'FF-able' than the Cevo. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard 2021

BMW CE04 at FoS 2021

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Maybe it's bait?

Given how immediately and easily convertible to FF this thing is, can it be possible that BMW are hoping someone will finish it for them, either as a cargo scooter for very well-heeled delivery drivers or similarly endowed FF enthusiasts. The only other explanation I can think if is that BMW have lost the plot. This view is supported by their new 1.3 car which is just a small BMW car for a lot of money - that happens to be electric.

In this sense BMW are just doing what most other 'legacy' manufacturers are doing - banging out an electric version of their usual models and hoping people will be happy to pay lots more for a slower, heavier, shorter-range vehicle that's no more usuful then it's ICE ancester. Pretty much exactly the same reaction as horse-driven cariage makers at the turn of the last century. Build the same cariage but delete the horse and put an ICE unit in it... BMW may wake up to the reality of E-power eventually, more probably, as in 1910, they'll get run over by more imaginative makers.

New "Arrival"s as it were.

I guess the rest of us will just have to wait until someone crashes one and sells the wreckage cheap. I have an HCS unit waiting and can improve on that bodywork while sleeping.