Electric motorised biycyle maker compliments old FF campaigners!

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, even when the imitators may be unaware, or in denial, about their imitation. So this one is for Charles Neracher, Jack Difazio, and Bob Tait, none regrettably any longer with us, and I am happy to accept this sincere flattery on their behalf.

It's an actual 'double wishbone' HCS front end, expensively created in carbon fibre - with rather more links in the steering than any of us have managed so far and hence rather less precision. In terms of the cost and effectiveness (stiffness, lock, etc.) I'd have to say it's definitely in the 'damm fool' category of engineering and of course it's attached to a motorised bicycle that doesn't even show the seat, surely the most important component?


Bit of a stretch calling it "Unique" though!

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Ian's picture

Arc-ing into the dustbin of history.

You can pre-order (sorry, 'reserve') one. Only £90k or something stupid.

A 'limited edition' of 399 although I rather doubt that they will sell that many