Genesis meets Agility Saietta Electric

The Agni-powered Agility Saietta on display on the NICHE stand at the 2011 Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event at Rockingham. If anything it looks even stranger from the back than it does from the front. Compare and contrast with Cedric Lynch's notions of what an electric motorcycle should look like! Here: (Cedric designed the Agni electric motors fitted to all the Saiettas built to date). PNB
Genesis, in the background, looks positively normal and sensible by comparison! Photo: © Paul Blezard September 2011

Genesis meets Agility Saietta Electric

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Agility Sales Drive

I note with interest that Agility Global (now valued at £13.5m even though it has acheived no significant sales) has appointed a new Director - ex BMW Mini boss Jurgen Hedrich

Mr Hedrich has a taken on a tough job.

Colin R

Premature optimism...

Looking back at that article in the Telegraph now, 3 years later, it looks preposterously optimistic..."The British engineering business hailed as the Tesla of motorcycles"
I'd like to know who hailed the Agility as 'The Tesla of motorcycles'...certainly no-one who knew about the much higher performing products from the likes of Energica and Lightning...