Blez in Monoliner

Yrs Truly trying the rear-engined Monoliner for size on the BFF stand at Peterborough. At present it's a very tight squeeze for both feet and legs, even when not wearing motorcycle clobber.
The rear-engined 1980s Slug is in the background; on its side is the opening spread of a Quasar story that appeared in Bike magazine in November 1984. I was riding the blue Quasar in the photo and Malcolm Newell the white Z13 Quasar. PNB
Photo snapped by Pete Rosenberg 14/5/2022

Blez in Monoliner

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I have to ask, Why would you want to wear 'motorcycle clobber' in something that is clearly not a motorcycle? Is it the same reason you insisted on wearing armoured gloves to operate a control system designed for bare hands?

Also note some alarming detail changes to the bodywork. However the contrast in shapes bewtween these two rear-engined FFs is an interesting illustration of the advances made in aerodynamics in the period between their construction. If the world of PTW's was interested in this stuff it could provide a useful study.

Alarming detail

What is being referred to by the phrase 'alarming detail', what has been done to the Monoliner itself or the contrast between it and the Slug?

Some clobber required, IMHO.

I don't wear motorcycle clobber in fully enclosed machines such as Ecomobiles and Monotracers because you can't fall out of them. However, painful experience has taught me that it's wise to wear some protection over bare skin on any part of the body that could hit the ground in the event of an accident on any two wheeler which is not fully enclosed. I hurt my leather-gloved hand when I ran out of ground clearance doing the Quasar photoshoot for Bike magazine back in 1984, so I wouldn't dream of riding a Voyager, or any other open FF, without gloves. I don't even ride pushbikes without gloves!
While the Monoliner clearly provides more rider protection than a Quasar or Voyager, your lower legs and feet are obviously vulnerable when they're not on the footrests, so I would want to wear something to protect both. I was only wearing shorts and trainers when I tried the Monoliner in the photo here, but still couldn't get my feet up to the footrests without opening the doors. When we shut the doors, something on the right scratched my bare calf enough to draw blood, rather like a bramble scratch. Hence my conclusion that some modification is required in this area.

Alarming details.....

What happened to the "Splitter" in front of the wheel?