From Naples to Bristol and back, again.

Here's the 2010 Cmax, with a fresh MOT, about to leave Bristol for Naples.

Simon is taking advantage of the boot arrangement to transport his new folding kayak part of the way (to Henley). His personal baggage has also disappeared into the boot. The head fairing, seen in the'passenger' position, can be easily removed, providing a full 'pick-up' rear end.

Simon covered the distance to Naples in a leisurely two and a half days, stopping overnight with friends twice. He reports not being passed by any motorcyclists while travelling at 85-90 mph and averaging 55 mpg.

This is the second time this bike's done this trip and it's currently showing 7,000 miles as an FF. Probably at the high end of FF mileage in the last two years.

There's a lesson here for Yamaha. Come on guys! get a six-speed sequential transmission on this motor, along with your nice belt final drive. Then, apart from being able to go faster, it'll get another ten miles to the gallon at this speed, like the Voyagers do. C'mon Yamaha, Keep up. You've seen the presentation, now lets have some action!

For everyone else it's time to consider why "FF enthusiasts" haven't produced something similar on the same platform. It's fast enough, carries loads well enough and is a cheap and simple route to a modern FF. Can we believe that people, with tools, don't know how to make things like this anymore?. I don't think so.

From Naples to Bristol and back, again.