William Woollard in the NMM Quasar

William Woollard introducing the Top Gear episode that included the ten minute 'double FF' item, from the seat of the Quasar that was owned by the National Motorcycle Museum at the time. Tragically, this Quasar was burnt to a cinder in the catastrophic NMM fire a few years later, but the musuem has since acquired another one, FHR 942W, which has had an action-packed life and has a whole folder devoted to it here on bikeweb, here: http://bikeweb.com/image/tid/166.
The ten minutes of FFery on Top Gear, complete with FFing intro and outro to the whole programme, can be seen here: https://tinyurl.com/qtfhnhf

William Woollard in the NMM Quasar

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Classic FF magazine?

Surely an a opportunity here for a 'Classic FF' section? And although it's possibly a bit early for a magazine, it's obvious who the editor should be...

After all, all the Qusars, Voyagers, Phasars and a host of one-offs are eligable for the VMCC "Classic" and "Late Classic" categories, meaning that nostalgia* freaks everywhere can congregate and admire their ancient relics. FJ, definitely an ancient relic, is even on the VMCC machine register, although that's mainly a wind-up. The Banana, for instance, could be Classic raced, spreading delight and interest across the whole movement.

Also it would allow other FF proponents, more inclined towards the dictum "Fuck the past, what about the future?" to discuss dusturbing ideas like E-power and cargo scooters without being confronted by images of people like William, who made Clarkson look like a reasonable choice to lead 'Top Gear'.

*Nostalgia;- "A sick longing for the past" (Oxford Dictionary)