2014 - First Spring ride

I have not ridden this year so got the bike out (having recently added cast glass fibre bulges behind the indicators) to go and look at the sea wall damage at Dawlish and buy a hot pie for lunch.
If I do not ride the bike for ages the oil sticks the clutch plates together, either you ride it off in gear and stand on the brake with the clutch held in, or you use my little bent bit of steel down the filler hole. Less brutal to use the tool and it didn't take very long at all.Reflecting on this simple tool and my genius at inventing it (!) as I rode along 2 miles after setting off, I suddenly realised I had left the filler cap at home on the bench in my eagerness to get that pie!

Luckily no oil was spewing out and I got home and refitted it OK then set off again, not so easy if I had been on a channel ferry, must pack a large cork, so useful in many ways........... :)

My other reason for going was to reprise the photos at Cockwood Harbour I liked so much, so I stopped and took over 60 photos, including one from two friendly hikers who kindly took a pic of me with it! We compared notes about my new boots which are
comfy but getting scuffed by those skate board wheels I use as second footrests.

Dawlish was full of tourists looking at the men rebuilding the wall,cafes were full, roaring trade...in complete contrast to the media saying the local economy is losing £6 million a day...Blimey the local economy would be glad to make that much in a year,
most people here get the minimum wage of £7 an hour!

Since only the railway is affected and not the motorway life goes on as normal, but busier because the workmen all need feeding and so do the tourists :)

I did see two trees that had fallen on caravans but only on a Summer letting site so they would have been unoccupied.

It was only a 30 mile ride but I am aching all over, really must ride that bicycle more often!


2014 - First Spring ride

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Dark sky?

What happened to that wonderful brooding sky you photo-shopped in?


Site Administrator Paul Blezard altered the pic to make it lighter, I think it must look different on various people's viewing screens, my screen (a massive modern TV) is very bright as my faculties deteriorate so I see my pix rather lighter than others who therefore think the pix are a bit too dark. No matter, I have the original safely stored :)

Olde Bobbe

Site administrator?!

Paul Blezard is site adimistrator? Uh huh. I must have missed that. Was it a coup? An election? or did Julian just get bored?

Just out of interest, does he alter anything on the site that takes his fancy or do we get to be told first?


Don't know if it helps Royce,

Don't know if it helps Royce, but Julian is still in charge of (or at least still actively managaging) new member submissions.
(Thanks Julian!).

Bob - if you don't mind me asking (as a new member), the aching you had at the end of the day, where was it?

Hurrah for Julian!

Good to know that! (Julian Bond, my nomination for FF hall of heroes - should there ever be one)