Gavin Newell in his Quasar, 2019

Gavin Newell, son of Malcolm, waves as he drives away from the Steel Horse Café in one of his father's futuristic creations, now nearly 40 years old!
This particular Quasar was previously owned, in reverse chronological order, by John Cooper, Andy Tribble, Mark Crowson, the late Nick Roche, and Frank Leighton. There are photos of it being ridden by most of them over the past twenty years elsewhere on this website and, as Mark has reminded me (see below), it was the only Quasar to be present at Malcolm Newell's funeral at Field Cottage in 1994. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Gavin Newell in his Quasar, 2019

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Previous Owners of Quasar 002

Previous owners, in reverse chronological order, were John Cooper, Andy Tribble, MARK CROWSON, Nick Roche and Frank Leighton, who owned it from new. It was notably the only Quasar to be present at Malcolm's funeral, in spite of the fact that it broke down 'en route' with an electronic ignition failure and had to be trailered the last few miles :-)

Text amended!

Text above amended as per your additional info Mark! PNB