Electrom Rider Size Image

Fabrizio Scott's Electrom caters for a wide range of rider size! More here, including an impressive video of this FF in action: www.electrom.ca
Photo: screenshot from the website

Electrom Rider Size Image

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Fair enough. We failed to sell FFs to motorcyclists, motorcycle and car manufactuerers and relevent state agencies, over a forty year period (Arnold being the honourable exception). So maybe trying to sell FFs to cyclists - who don't go fast enough for aerodynamics to matter much*. don't go far enoiugh to notice comfort and demostrably don't need suspension - is the way forward. Males complete sense.

I mean, good luck and everything.

Turning to the performance, and bearing in mind my own 120mph FF I'm so overwhelmed I'll have to lie down. Hopefuly someone will wake me up when its over...

HPV (and E-assisted HPV) aerodynamics are really interesting - as in, a real challenge. It's easy to make the air behave at 80 mph. it just wants a quiet life. It's much more difficult 1t 20 mph where it may have a breeze of it's own. Serious reserch needed. Can cost/benefit analysis actually justify bodywork? Many factors involved, not least keeping (side)wind off the rider. It may improve drag marginally, improve conspicuity significantly, slightly improve cockpit enviroment, and so on. Hut it's heavy. HPV's don't do heavy.

I have e-bicycles (ancient, obviously) it's tempting to do some of that research. But hey, people like Fabrizio can do that, they're young and keen!

This pedelec actually does a claimed '60kph/40mph'

Just for the record, Fabrizio claims in his video that the machine as specified and demonstrated will do '60kph/40mph'. (I know 60kph is actually only 37mph). I don't know if this is actually allowed in Canada – I suspect not, but if you watch the videos it's an impressive town and suburbs machine, with excellent carrying capacity of either shopping or children!


This performance level makes it a Moped in England, needs registration, lights, MOT, licence, all that stuff. I am in no way supporting the current legislation in England concerning electric two wheelers - it's largely the result of lobbying by Piaggio to protect it's moped market. But it is what it is. Designers have to work to current legislation.

This vehicle will compete with current 'pedelec' bicyles and the emerging wave of E-moped/scooters etc. Familar vehicles from increaingly familiar manu's. Steep hill to climb. I'm not convinced that the basic FF advantages are relevent at this end of the PTW performance/cost envelope.