BMW Electric PTWs

  • BMW C evo motor & transmission LHS (2012)

    BMW C evolution (Proto, Std & Plus models) 2012-2021

    BMW's electric maxiscooter. Launched to the press during the 2012 London Olympics, it went on sale in 2014 as a learner-legal (A1 licence) 11kW/15bhp machine, but that was the Continuous power figure. Peak power was a claimed 35kW/47bhp, although, as the dyno chart here shows, it was actually capable of more than 50bhp peak power at the rear wheel. In 2017 the 19kW C evolution Plus model was launched, with a larger battery capacity but the same nominal peak power of 35kW/47bhp. The bigger-capacity battery was not physically larger than the original, so fitted in the same space, but did add to the avoirdupois: a heavyeight 275kg.

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  • Top-selling BMW CE04 (2022)

    BMW CE 04 electric maxiscooter

    BMW's new-for-2021 electric maxiscooter

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