Honda Eco

After Robs offer of Bob’s ex Kwack FF and finishing the first part of his Triumph project, and it out the door, I was keen to make a start on the Kawasaki, I had hoped to initially keep the tank, and air box, but even after removing both, and keeping the extended swing arm in place, I still don’t fit in the gap, by extending the frame pivot point, a further 8” South and then fitting the standard swingarm back, I would fit, but realistically, the bike should then need to go through SVA, and all it’s attendant extra time and hoops.
I was still committed to go, but last week, I eventually got the opportunity to sit in Collin’s new ECO, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, Colin, my best 70th birthday present, but what I also realized, is if I don’t prioritize, I will just have loads of half backed, half finished, jobs just clogging up the shop, and as those who know me, my hope has always been to make an Eco, and the image below is the start.
I know I wish to produce an electric version, but I have no issues at all with IC engines, and the fact my Zero is sat in a container waiting to be dismembered, I am alarmed at the number of SR’S that are requiring new battery packs under warranty, and I don’t think I will get much support asking them to remove a pack from my Eco, even though it has done zero miles.
As it is, at approx. 11ft long, and as a single seater, it’s a few inches lower than an Eco, but it will be a few inches wider, ( so I can get my feet in ) as I don’t fit inside at all, I always assumed they were a bit on the big side, but they are even more beautiful in the flesh, than any picture I have seen, and when I eventually get round to making the electric version, I would hope with good housekeeping, and the space made available from ditching the Honda CBR 1000F engine, I will be able to accommodate a passenger in the space left behind, and because I hope to eventually produce an electric version, I am keeping back Rob’s/Royce’s front end for that version, and will stick the standard forks or similar at the front.
No point dodging SVA though, but if you design it as a PSV police ambulance services, type vehicle, something Royce confirmed was of interest to both services, you can get past go, and collect £200, very tempting, but I will now go straight down the SVA route, and post any roadblocks or issues I may have for our members.
I know a lot of you will say a CBR back end is not the best or lightest donor, but it is available, and at least now I can make a start, and if all I can produce is scrap, I will save a considerable amount of money by not cutting up the Zero, anybody interested in a zero mile Zero. Dave

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