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I advertised my mates Pan European on here recently to no avail, so i have now cannibalized it for bits, as it would seem a shaft drive at a later date would be a good option, plus a higher tyre load rating which is vital for my type of project, also the front end has anti dive, and slightly bigger discs. The motor is now sat here, and is available for just £100 with 2 full looms, and ECU's, their is also a lot of plastic on a Pan, and its available for free, just take the lot. I also have Robs/Royce's back end off his FF and it came with the Volvo seat and frame, and i would hope somebody ? building a new Voyager, could make use of it, as they are getting thin on the ground, and being stood 20 years, it may also be in a bit better shape than your own, or just as a spare either way, available for free. I also previously offered on here a Sach 125 rear end with log book, minus motor, but note the headstock is a separate item but also available, for possibly a lightweight electric FF for free if any takers, or just use the rear swing arm and wheel etc, as sadly i realize i wont have time to do all i wish, so its just taking up space. Finally Robs/Bobs Kwack came with quite a few spares, and if you need a part i may have spare its available for free, and although Rob is still considering using some of the fibre glass bodywork if he does not use it, that will also become available for free.

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