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Perspex canopy enclosure

AS header i have now made several full size canopies for my own FF and reverse trike, and now have a couple of spare these are approx 1600 x 600 wide and produced from 6mm sheet, and are available at £1275 each.

Honda CBR 1000 bits

As header i won't be putting the bike back together again, so ive a few bit's i wont be needing, i also have a fuel tank, but will hang on to that for the moment, but very likely it will be available as well, and ive still got all the Pan bodywork bits as well, all available for free, just take away. Dave

3rd run

Slow progress but i feel a step in the right direction,( note in vid link below, my o/side landing gear wheel comes up on the bend ) which means i am now making a semi controlled bank on the bend, which enables me to turn faster and safer.

Talking Heads

As per the title, sadly this is my second video, i set my phone camera remotely up on a stool pointing at the 20ft wide gates for my 1st outing, warts and all, and off i went, but the drive was so bad i actually missed the gates.

Clear out

I advertised my mates Pan European on here recently to no avail, so i have now cannibalized it for bits, as it would seem a shaft drive at a later date would be a good option, plus a higher tyre load rating which is vital for my type of project, also the front end has anti dive, and slightly bigger discs. The motor is now sat here, and is available for just £100 with 2 full looms, and ECU's, their is also a lot of plastic on a Pan, and its available for free, just take the lot. I also have Robs/Royce's back end off his FF and it came with the Volvo seat and frame, and i would hope somebody ?

Honda Eco

After Robs offer of Bob’s ex Kwack FF and finishing the first part of his Triumph project, and it out the door, I was keen to make a start on the Kawasaki, I had hoped to initially keep the tank, and air box, but even after removing both, and keeping the extended swing arm in place, I still don’t fit in the gap, by extending the frame pivot point, a further 8” South and then fitting the standard swingarm back, I would fit, but realistically, the bike should then need to go through SVA, and all it’s attendant extra time and hoops.

Kawasaki FF

Hi I don’t know if acquiring the Kwack is a serendipitous event, or just another detour and delay, but as picture shows, I don’t exactly fit Rob’s / Bobs Kawasaki FF, as it is, and despite their assurances, and the many adjustments available on the bike, plus my own enthusiasm with the hacksaw, it will as it is, still be another compromise and lash up for me.

FF update

Not exactly an FF gathering, but as picture shows, ive just acquired Robs Bananaskins FF next to the soon to be completed Rocket 3 of Robs, and leaning on the side of my reverse trike in the distance, is Royce's chassis and complete front end he built for Rob, for his Norton rotary, and which i soon hope to have the front end surgically removed, and grafted onto the back end of my own electric FF.

Pan European

Ive just been offered the above by a friend who is moving workshops, not got much info yet but will update, may be of use to somebody out there.

Rob/Royce Norton rotary FF

Happy New Year everybody, well it is for me. After an epic drive from Rob, from the South of France, i met up with him and Royce on Bristol services, as he handed over his now abandoned and dismembered front end off his FF project, whilst the back stayed firmly in the van, to be delivered elsewhere. I now have a head start, and no excuses, and the best front end available, and Royce's support, so it's now just a simple matter of sticking a back end on, ( electric of course ) and i am on my way.

Canopy success

Hi Just a few pics to show my eventual success, or at least I am now on solid ground, and though no expert, I can now hopefully reproduce further examples without to much trauma, as required. I would also like to apologize in advance, to Dave Lochead regards the 3 wheel reverse, trike photo, but I am seriously hoping to go into production, and despite my earlier offer on this site, to produce an FF vehicle at virtual cost, had no takers.

Perspex canopy salvage

As the photos show, I have been making a pigs ear of producing the canopies for my Monotraceresque type vehicle, and i am only now, confident of any success, and although i have somebody who may want a few, i am also offering the rest to site members for free, hoping they can be of use to somebody for their own projects, if nothing else the 6mm sheet is £120 a pop, and it may just fit the bill for somebody's own project.

2 Yasa 400 motors and 2 gen 4 size 10 Sevcon controllers

As legend these motors were removed from an abandoned project, and we have been told, they have been set up and run on a dyno, unfortunately we have been unable to glean any further information from either Yasa or Sevcon regards these units, and although we have been able to communicate with the controller, are unable to make any adjustments, despite my engineer having vast amounts of experience, on the low voltage Sevcons, without further firmware, he is unable, to go further, and as nothing has been forthcoming from Sevcon, I have decided to sell, preferably in one lot at £7000 plus vat.

Ashwood Motor and controller now sold

Hi As legend motor and controller now sold, on its way to the States, sadly, not going into an FF, but a KTM 990 Adventure.

Ashwood electric motor, and Sevcon motor available

One Ashwood motor, and Sevcon controller, approx 50HP peak, as removed from a low mileage Ford Transit van. I bought this for an FF motorcycle project, but found the wiring was beyond my capacity, and so i just sold the batteries on, and the rest of the stuff was put on a shelf, till i got a better understanding. 5+? years later, i accepted i am still uncomfortable, and so sent it off to an expert, who got it running in 5 mins. I have now gone in a different direction, and with other plans, and so the motor and controller are now surplus, but still located in Bath with Jozztek.

New laptop battery packs for EV FFs

Hi I bought all these pre Covid, all brand new, straight out of the warehouse, as I couldn’t afford a Tesla pack. Work issues aside, I quickly established building my own pack was a very time consuming undertaking on such a large scale, (over 800 packs) and so those of you who know me, I have now invested in Jaguar i Pace modules, as my best option.

Electric FF update

Hi a couple of links on youtube FF 1st ride out and FF 1st ride back with 15 kwh pack, battery's from Jaguar i Pace

Vetrix electric

Hi I don't know if anybody is interested, but their is a Vetrix VX1 Bergman type electric scooter for sale on speakEV the guy is asking £800, (battery's are shot) usually replaced by Leaf cells, and it may just be of some use, to somebody just dipping their toes into converting a basic electric scooter, into an FF. I know nothing about these vehicles, but Winkle Brown Blez has very probably ridden one, and can hopefully give us a full SP on the viability of such a project being a good proposition, or one to miss. All the best Dave

Electric FF for Sale

Hi Everybody


Hi I have just to many projects, so if anybody wants to take this over, they are welcome to it for free. I was obviously going to convert it to a lightweight electric FF, and although i bought a nice motor and controller, ( these do not come with the bike ) it never got started. Basically its a Sachs 125cc just as it is in pics, all the front end has gone, i only had to cut through one tube to set it free, and i may have a few more pieces available, just found a headlight, but you don't get the blue box, i just used headlights to drain battery's for testing.

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