Rob/Royce Norton rotary FF

Happy New Year everybody, well it is for me. After an epic drive from Rob, from the South of France, i met up with him and Royce on Bristol services, as he handed over his now abandoned and dismembered front end off his FF project, whilst the back stayed firmly in the van, to be delivered elsewhere. I now have a head start, and no excuses, and the best front end available, and Royce's support, so it's now just a simple matter of sticking a back end on, ( electric of course ) and i am on my way. I hope to eventually build a monotraceresque vehicle, but this will be a feet down version, but still incorporating the outriggers, to establish the validity of such a system, whilst still being able to use ones legs in the event of failure mode, so as light as possible? but still possibly 650lb plus. Current motor is a Motenergy 1616 AC motor 67bhp ( peak ) and Sevcon controller, Battery's to be decided, as the 12v Jag i pace modules are to big a package for this project, and i will probably use VW 24V or 48v modules, making up a small, circa 12.5Kw pack. I also have a Zero SR, which i will ultimately use as my donor, but am reluctant to dismember her totally as yet, until i have proven the design, but am incorporating aspects into the design as i go along, to make the eventual transition easier. The back end is currently Hayabusa, and will be chain drive. Yours Dave

Rob's front end 022.jpg2.55 MB
Rob's front end 029.jpg2.37 MB

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Happy new year

I am unapologictly delighted I to see an earlier FF project that didn't get to run, in the hands od Dave Arthur. He's built vehicles previously. I've retreated from doing that myself but am happy to provide technical support, like the original drawings and background. It's great to see younger, faster, better trained people not only understanding why FFs matter, but doing something about it.

Also happy to report that the massive Voyager spares and technical support operation has swung into the repair of Voyager 01 (briefly'Fallen into thr worng hands') As a positive by-product Voyager 06 is taking a step closer to completion. Possibly with electric power.

Happy new year to all FF activists.

Ex Norton FF?

Is that the front end from Rob Ring's Norton FF? Sounds like you're making good progress. Well done. Colin F

Hi Colin Yes it is, hope to

Hi Colin Yes it is, hope to be making some progress of my own soon, but really excited, it's made an excellent start. Yours Dave

Rob Ring's Norton Rotary FF, as it was

For anyone not familiar with the machine being discussed here, there are 33 photos of it here: