Talking Heads

As per the title, sadly this is my second video, i set my phone camera remotely up on a stool pointing at the 20ft wide gates for my 1st outing, warts and all, and off i went, but the drive was so bad i actually missed the gates. Second outing, as shown, and this was after making several adjustments, was also diabolical, but the vehicle is at least now in one piece, and i can now start to sort out the landing gear properly, i started with the easiest and quickest itineration first, and will work my way through several more ideas, until i have a workable system, and now i have a runner i can go through my ideas a lot quicker, as its just one system change, bit by bit, and not a full vehicle. Also the basic vehicle is now set, so i can now spend a bit of time on the bodywork, so overall i am quite pleased with progress, and despite the blog entry title, just hope i am not on a road to nowhere. Sorry but for reasons beyond my paygrade, i can't seem to upload the video, but will eventually post, warts and all. Dave

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Good to know

Even without the video it's good to know that someone, somewhere, is addressing one of the key technologies needed for larger FFs (outriggers)

Makes a welcome change from considerations of top boxes on motorcycles or BMW's unfinished E-scooter!