Kawasaki FF

Hi I don’t know if acquiring the Kwack is a serendipitous event, or just another detour and delay, but as picture shows, I don’t exactly fit Rob’s / Bobs Kawasaki FF, as it is, and despite their assurances, and the many adjustments available on the bike, plus my own enthusiasm with the hacksaw, it will as it is, still be another compromise and lash up for me. I vehemently agued with Rob against using the Triumph as the basis for an FF, if nothing else at 700lb plus, it is a lot to drag round when maneuvering, or even stationary, but the Lady was not for turning, and although other vehicles have been heavier, I think it is far from ideal, but the man knows what he want's and you can't argue with that, but from my own perspective, i assured Rob the Kawasaki would make a much better donor, and judging by the time it has taken to just tweak Rob’s Triumph, getting the Kwack to anything near to what I want, will take a considerable amount of time, so I have decided, if I am going to do it, I hope now to do it properly, and by that, I mean I will follow Royce’s, version of an FF, chapter and verse, ( other than maybe a slightly higher seat, or adjustable ) as I agree with Royce 100% with 90% of his ideas regards FF, plus if it does go wrong, I will then simply blame it all on him, he has broad shoulders, ime only the apprentice. With a lovely package from Kawasaki, and 50HP on tap, not available when Royce started, I would hope it will also be more thermally efficient than a Reliant motor, and it is considerably lighter and smaller, so in many aspects of the design should be an immediate improvement on Royce’s Voyager, and if Royce and others got 93mpg at 70 mph, I will aim for 100mpg at 70mph, sounds good, and should wake a few people up. The only downside is it will not be able to accommodate an electric drive at a later date, so it does delay me starting on my Eco, but if I fail to get any interest with this project, there is no point carrying on, and ive saved £15k not having to destroy my Zero. Its early days, and I will not be sure I can do as I wish until I get further down the road, and stripped her back to the bones, after which I can then decide, and if suitable, I will post, I hope, regular updates, so in the event, it works as planned, somebody else may be encouraged to copy along similar lines, and unlike my electric version I assume can be completed for under £1000, which I hope is within a lot of peoples budget.

me on Robs FF 006.jpg2.14 MB