Canopy success

Hi Just a few pics to show my eventual success, or at least I am now on solid ground, and though no expert, I can now hopefully reproduce further examples without to much trauma, as required. I would also like to apologize in advance, to Dave Lochead regards the 3 wheel reverse, trike photo, but I am seriously hoping to go into production, and despite my earlier offer on this site, to produce an FF vehicle at virtual cost, had no takers. So in this regard, using the same electric drive train, as my Monotraceresque type vehicle, this alternative, may elevate my status as a manufacturer, to one qtr of 1% of the buying public, and I will at least then have a very slim chance of producing something that people will want, or i can at least sell, as despite my own preferences, in reality only a very few individuals care to risk life and limb, and the 3rd wheel may just tip the scales, and with just the CBR 1000 motor fitted it was a lot of fun, and the Hayabusa motor that followed, was also seriously risking life and limb. Using the same drive train will help in manufacturing and production volumes and I just hope, if people can see a practical alternative, as well as ecologically vitally important vehicle, actually being available, I will regard this as a success, and I will be happy. Also Dave if you ever happen to bump into your Kiwi friend Roger Dunkley, could you give him a big hug from me, he and particularly Royce, Peter, and others, as well as all who have gone before on this site have been so inspirational, but because of Roger, and his detailed adventure, I also had the help, and information, and idea that forming my own canopy was no big deal, ignorance is bliss, so maybe also kick him in the balls.

canopy number 1 004.jpg1.97 MB
canopy number 1 007.jpg1.41 MB
canopy number 1 012.jpg2.07 MB

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Very good! May be a market for these canopies beyond mere two or tjhree wheelers.