Electric Monoracer Dash

View of the all-electric Monoracer's handlebars and dashboard.
Photo: PeravesCZ

Electric Monoracer Dash

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Electric v ICE

Paul. How about a virtual test of an electric Monoracer versus the BMW engine'd version? I'd hope that the electric version is quite a bit easier to learn to ride. No clutch or gear lever presumably leaves the left hand with only the bars, and the landing wheels to operate. BTW, what is the switch just to the right of the dip switch for? The landing wheels?

Hi Colin, yes the electric

Hi Colin, yes the electric Monotracers are a lot simpler to operate than the petrol-powered ones, and I believe the new Monoracer has some further tweaks. Having said that, I have still seen experienced motorcyclists put the wheels up on an electric machine, then topple right over...again and again...The Brusa-powered machines were 100kW, so that's comparable horsepower to the K1200 engine, albeit with a bit more weight to shift. Then again, the electric motors provide maximum torque at minimum revs...The X-prize winning MTE with the AC Propulsion motor was 130kW, so that's closer to 200bhp. Yes, that chrome switch is indeed to operate the outriggers. PNB