4 FFs @ Field Cottage in 1982

I believe this photo was sent out as a Christmas card by Malcolm Newell in 1982. All four of these FFs are fitted with Bob Tait's hub centre steering system. From left to right, they are the Z1300 Kymera, the Reliant-engined Phasar, a Gold Wing 1000 Phasar and the Moto Guzzi Convert Phasar. The red Reliant-engined Phasar took some identifying, but it's the same machine that appeared in an article written by Mark Revelle in the July 1981 issue of Which Bike? magazine. It was sometimes referred to as 'The Sports Quasar', but should not be confused with the roofed, plywood-based mock-up that appeared on the Avon stand at a motorcycle show in 1979. That has a folder of its own on this site, here: https://bikeweb.com/image/tid/172
There was talk of turbo-charging the Reliant at the time. The bodywork is an ancestor of John Bruce's Coda FFs; see here: https://bikeweb.com/image/tid/197
Photo: Monty Billington archive, tweaked by PNB in Photoshop.

4 FFs @ Field Cottage in 1982

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Where is it now?

So, does anyone know where the Reliant engined Phasar is now? Does it even still exist? Colin

The Reliant-engined Phasar

I suspect it no longer exists Colin. I don't recall it ever even being exhibited, let alone spotted on the road. I imagine the Tait HCS front end might have been liberated for use on another project...PNB