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Voyager sale, offer ending soon

Just a reminder that the period for making an offer for Voyager 04 is coming to a close. Details below, if you haven't already looked. If you want to buy this bike make sure your offer is in by the 30th. April. "You have to be in it to win it"

Norton Rotary FF progress

Finally after many years of inaction I am pleased to announce some progress on my Norton Rotary FF.
After Royce provided me with a rolling chassis build from a Norton Rotary Commander rear end and his grafted on to his designed front and middle sections things went a bit quiet. I have all the usual excuses to hand as to why not a lot has happened:)
But now having visited John Bruce's event last summer he persuaded me to crack on with the project. Over the last month or so he has taken it onto another phase.

Voyager for sale - details

For a full description and sale details, as well as a larger picture click on 'Latest image' - if it's still a picture of a white Voyager... If it's been replaced, the infortmation and picture can still be found in 'Image Galleries' in 'Royce Creaseys creations' - 'Production Voyagers', below the listed Voyagers

Voyager for sale

Voyager 04, the 1989 show bike is for sale. Full details will be posted, with a picture, in a couple of weeks
In the meantime anyone interested can mail with "Voyager sale" as the subject.

Peraves;- Latest (Arnold speaks)

Here's a mail from Arnold Wagner covering his version of events at Peraves, and the news that he's continueing FF production under the name 'Monoracer' There's also an attachment of his current type approval, conformity of production certificates, and new years greetings that I haven't included. Not neccesary to read between any lines to see that he's a bit cross with Mr. Riedener....

But anyway, good news that this luxury Swiss FF production continues. (Over to you ford, etc...)

Dear friends,

Peraves AG (Monotracer etc.) goes bust

I read, in a badly computer-translated, German news item found on Google, that Peraves AG, manufacturer of the 'Ecomobile' and later 'Monotracer' luxury FFs, have gone into liquidation. The story suggests that funds "evaporated" in the development of an innovative engine, unconnected with FF production and that legal action is brewing. An attempt is being made to re-start the company which does not hold much external debt. Sounds like an internal falling out between Peraves principles, into which I would not wish to intrude.

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My AKIRA replica Kawasaki GPZ 500

Here are pic of my GPZ 500 and a AKIRA bike built by Eddie Paul. I will take the Red AKIRA body and install it on my bike.

Craig Vetter seriously injured in collision with deer

Armerican friends report that Craig Vetter, motorcycle streamlinging expert, is (15th. August 2015) unconciouse in hospital with serious head and chest injuries after hitting a deer while riding one of his bikes.

Doctors say "His numbers are going in the right directions" and we must hope that he makes a good recovery.

Dolomites by F650GS and French Fish (but not FF)

Wet asses and passes
Moto15 was wet. Not all the time, but more than one would expect for a European trip in June. A tale of an F650GS, two Varaderos and a Tiger 800.
Sign of the times
In the past, a hotel booking for 4 male motorcyclists would provide 4 separate beds. These days you have to be more specific. On more than one occasion this year, we arrived to find double beds prepared.
Ardennes included
Early morning at Hythe, for the Chunnel, it was raining.

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New Ride video

After many mods and a lot of work the Beast is close to being road worthy.
Still need to finish enclosing it.

Took it out for a test ride last weekend (4-27-15) lots of fun to ride now.

Here is the Video on YouTube
or Search YouTube for CABIN MOTORCYCLE RIDE and Cabin Motorcycle Test ride.

Doug Koelfgen, Albertville, Minnesota USA

Insuring an FF 4

I`ve just insured my ex Pete Lawrence Delta 928 ( Q reg ) with Footman James. I have an existing classic bike policy with various BMWs, and a 1920's flat tank BSA with them. The extra premium was an astonishing £13.25. I think part of the secret is to ensure that they know the bike is a one off, with a custom built body and chassis, and has not been modified since it was built. They didn`t even ask for photographs, as Bikesure ( Adrian Flux ) did last year. Maybe insurers are happier to give cover if it is part of a group of bikes insured.

Colin Ferguson

Monoliner at MIRA,, short compilation

Here's a short video that Paul Oesten-Creasey put together, showing, not too much. of Monoliner performing at Mira. Looks like cooling shouldn't be a problem...

To see the full picture get on to project leader Colin Russell and offer to sponsor the race project!

Prototype FF at MIRA

In Feb 2015 at a Niche Vehicle Network supported MIRA wind tunnel session, the British designed and built Monoliner race bike recorded an aerodynamic coefficient of drag that was one of the lowest ever demonstrated.

“Getting efficiencies close to the historic benchmark Cd figure of 0.19 at our first attempt is very satisfying” said Monoliner team Principal Colin Russell.

“The figures we recorded are nearly 3 times better than any other current production road or racing motorcycle”. “It is a vindication of the research and development of pioneering FF designer Royce Creasey”.

Newbie to FF website

Just found this site and have been designing a FF moto for over a year. Great to finally see some history with this genre of transportation. Here's a screen shot of my latest. It's an electric with a rear hub motor with 60V, 40 Ah LifePo4's. All aluminum frame and machined aluminum wheels coming in at about 160lb. Proto in process.

And here's somewone else who has....

Seat base below 20", seat back (just) electric drive. What more could you ask for? Apart from leg and weather protection, the rest of the seatback, proper steering and decent range - but as thousands of people buy motorcycles without any of those features this may be the best you can expect in 2015!

If FFs didn't exist, someone would invent them...

Ok, ok, no seat back/s but it looks really stable - and should be faster than a stock Vespa

Typus is running...

Sorry this event take place in France so people are speaking french...

Typus in the rain

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Voyagers - hunting in a pack.

Very rare footage of more than one Voyager in one place at one time. Filmed on 16th August 2014 as we made our way to the (most excellent) party to celebrate Royce's birthday. :-)

2010 Cmax for sale

The 2010 Cmax will be available for sale shortly - owner no longer able to ride due to disability. It'll come with the complete set of Tmax bodywork and other parts removed for the conversion to FF, a spare new fuel pump, and be taxed and MOT'd.

When it arrives here I have to fit a new speedo drive, then I'll upload a current photo and the details supplied by the owner. If you want to see a picture now there are several on this site - image galleries - Royce Creaseys creations- 2010 Cmax.

Peraves advice and info sought

Hi all,

I am considering buying a second hand Ecomobile or MonoTracer (and will be visiting Roger Riedener at Peraves HQ next month)and would love to find out what the ownership experience is like. I have quite a long list of questions so a phone conversation might make sense? My no. is 01588 640550.


Dave Thomlinson

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