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Workshop clearance in Bristol, England

I've been tasked to clear the engineering workshop of a family friend, now sadly incapacitated.
Advanced hobby level, ex-Aerospace engineer. Includes Boxford lathe and substantial associated equpment. See also January advert in VMCC magazine*

Too much to list here, mail for photo catalogue. Cash sales, buyers collect. Delivery available separately.

*As almost all FFs worthy of the name are now more than 25 years old it makes sense to be a VMCC member. Mainly because it annoys the traditionalists.

Reflections on an FF project September 2022

Reaching the unlikely age of 78 I recall that 1978 is the year I engaged in FF development - an attempt to rescue the Powered Two Wheeler from the dying hand of the motorised bicycle and exploit it's unbeatable efficiency in a world where that quality had suddenly become relevant.

Monoliner appears in public!

Readers of todays (Wedensday 11th. May) MCN will be presented with photos and a typically fact-free article on the Monoliner track day race prototype I delivered a few years ago. It'll be at the Peterborough show soon apparantly. Hopefully someone will put up some photos here - could be you if you go to the show.

Here's a thing

After scrolling through these thousands of comments it was obvious that a reference to Bikeweb was needed. So using an established Youtube log in I submitted such a reference. Twice. With no result. So props to Blez for getting one in, regrettably without mentioning that this site covers All Ffs, not just the Monotracer. So it's not just 'bikeweb' being censored, there's clearly a trick we've missed there somewhere. Maybe someone will tell us.

No Comment required

(Thanks to Ian for this link)

"Body of blog too short needs at least ten words".

OK. BMW, Honda (Specifically), . I accuse you of corporate cowadice for ignoring FFs. OK?

More blasts from the past.

Some more ancient history. links provided by Rob Horn, the only guy to have actually raced an FF this millenium. Sorry it's not in English, engineering is international.

Self-indulgent? me?!

FJ walk-round video

I should have done this years ago. Would have been better with lighting, camera - and someone who talks proper. Comment if you'd like more (Better than this). It might be useful to builders?

Happy new year.

Electric motorised biycyle maker compliments old FF campaigners!

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, even when the imitators may be unaware, or in denial, about their imitation. So this one is for Charles Neracher, Jack Difazio, and Bob Tait, none regrettably any longer with us, and I am happy to accept this sincere flattery on their behalf.

RIP Frank Williams

Frank Williams, F.1 Race Team founder, World manaufacturer champion. In a wheelchair since 1979, has died.

What's this got to do with FFs? Not much, but he taught me to make F.1 cars (for a start) out of lengths of tube, sheets of metal and buckets of plastic. Best boss I ever had. Voyagers exist because of Frank.

Bullshit of the year contender

I confidently nominate BMW for Bullshit of the Year award for this entry on EMN.

Worth reading for a number of interesting comments, such as bigging up Low CG and using the term 'Feet First riding position'. Anyone launching an electric FF could use much of this blurb verbatim. If I was an optimist (rather than an old cynic) I could almost suspect that whoever writes this rubbish is a closet FF proponent - unlike whoever designed the C/-Evo/04/02

something missing?

Astonishingly, BMW have revealed their CE04 electric 'scooter' without having resolved what to do with the tail section. So there isn't one.

Siezing this opportunitiy I will be happy to offer to design, build and fit an FF tail section, complete with seatback, passenger facility and lockable luggage space. For money.

Historic vehicle survey results

As most FFs in this country were built by 'millenialls' or 'war babies' like me, it follows that many of them qualify as 'historic vehicles' - more than 30 years old. Like FJ, and all the Voyagers and Quasars, Phasars, slugs and other forma of similar life. So this comprehensive report may be of some interest, not least in outlining the significant industry such vehicles generate. It's directly related to the 'car builder' community, 'custom' bikes and motor racing.

"The C.1 Story"

I may be the last person here to have seen this, if not Youtube has this piece from something called bigcar and an unamed narrator that's worth a look for two reasons

One, it's an example of journalism at it's worse, it's English but it completely ignores any English contributions to the genesis of the C.1 except for;-

BMW vapourware

Here's a link to some BMW vapourware, of almost zero significance. It looks like some student has stumbled across the C.1 project.

Maybe they'll also find the CE04/link project in the fullness of time. I wish I could afford to waste time like this!

FF in VMCC magazine shock

January's Vintage Motorcycle (VMMC) Magazine features a piece on a Mr. John Harding, a builder of multiple 'Specials'. one of which is actually an FF, a basic cut'n shut of an RD400. Bodyless and similar to the several simple cut'n shuts built in the late seventies - John Bruce's BSA being probably the best known. Mr. Hardings example is chiefly notable for the extreme increase in wheelbase and he unsurprisingly complains about low speed handling. More interesting is that it was built in the nineties, after "Wide discussion" in the motorcycle press.

This is fun...

I'm very happy to put up this piece by the world's leading FF race expert. It's a bonanza for social media trolls everywhere, enough material to keep them off the streets forever. For those on the street, race or otherwise, Rob offers some really interesting innovations in dynamics, extending the FF performance envelope. Think before you troll. This guy has actually raced this stuff. Great thing racing. Put up or Shut up.
Nice one Rob. A happy holiday and a better new year;-

Oh! Almost there...

EMN again - (at least it's current news not history) Scroll down this link to see them almost do an FF electric Cargo Scooter! They got the electric, the seatback, the cargo box... So near! So uninspired.

Electric Motorcycle News runs FF article

Electric Motorcyckle News (EMN) run a piece by Beligian designer Eric Viomens extolling trhe virtues of Feet First two wheelers, expressly in relation to Electric power. There's visulisations, vapourware and a photo of steel, being welded. Norman Hossack will be proud to see his front suspension system displayed. It's all the usal FF stuff but good to see a new take on the subject and excellent to see it in a non-FF publication. Good luck Eric! I'll buy him a beer(If they'll let him in and there are any pubs left and he'll probably have to bring the beer...).

Some costs

In my probably pointless pursuit of an electric powered replacement for my ancient Voyager, I've established some cost estimates for an electric powertrain roughly equivelent to BMW's C-Evo (long range version) - comfortably enough to produce Voyager-levels of performance, if not range. These are from local E-bicycle* enthusiasts and battery specialists.

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