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More on lighting

This relates to the recent posts on altering the light patterns on FFs to make twin headlight patterns easier to identify and range, (eg. "Twin headlights on FFs"). The excellent site, source of everything needed to fit out a motor vehicle, has a range of LED lights and looks promising - cheap, easy to fit. (Describe it as "auxilliary lighting" rather than "daytime running lights" to run it with headlights on)

I have a location on FJ in mind, I'll try and post a picture unless someone else does it first.

electric motorcycles, regulations

I've been looking into the regulations invoved in registering a prototype electric two wheeler. Specifically "Motorcycle single vehicle approval" which covers FFs.

It's chaos.

FF motorcycles available for sale

Hi everybody, From my title entry I assume I am at this time the only manufacturer of FF motorcycles in the UK and possibly even beyond. I had hoped to have posted this after forwarding my second outing of my current electric FF project/mule, but this has not been possible due to reasons below, as it would appear for all my hard work I have now been rewarded with another hernia, so it will be several more weeks before I can work properly again hence the delay.

Close, but no banana

Here's another entry from EMN; a Chinese product that demonstrates probably the best example of imagination failure so far See, in one entry, a more or less conventional electric motorcycle with moderate range, desgined for urban commuters. See, in an immediately adjacent entry, what would be an improvement on BMW's C.1. lower, electric and in all respects an E-FF - except that it's got two front wheels and it's a tilting three wheeler - and the seat back is shown in the passenger position...

More news from Pearaves

Here's a mail recently recived from Peraves, which I reproduce in full. Ability to speak German not essential as there's a paragraph in English. This goes some way to explain recent events. Basically, the production of the 'K' powered monotracers stopped because they couldn't meet current EU emission rules. Hence the E-tracer announced a couple of years ago. Then it seems there was a breakdown on the relationship with the people supposed to supply the electronics and other bits that can't be fixed with a hammer. I expect m'learned friends may well have some input there.

Peraves CZ announces latest "E-racer" for 2019

Peraves CZ boss Arnold Wagner has announced this years new Monoracer (The new name of the Monotracer/Ecomobile family), an all-electric development of the earlier (2016) e-powered model. Reasonably claimed to be the worlds most efficient street vehicle and a "super Tesla on two wheels", it's scheduled for market launch in summer this year, with sales due to start in August. A downpayment with order of 44,500 Euro's, followed by a final payment on delivery of 44,000 Euro's, makes a Tesla look cheap.

FFs by accident..

Interesting entry on Electric Motorcycle News (EMN) the online "newspaper". See for an early example of an electric cargo scooter from a company that overtly recognises the potential market, rather than relying on enterprising youth tacking deivery boxes onto cheap ICE scooters.

48v battery pack

Hi Royce, hi Paul, everybody.

Conspicuity of PTWs


It is clear that PTWs are involved in a disproportionate number of accidents where other vehicle operators fail to see them coming and turn into their path. This has serious consequences for the PTW user due to the poor safety performance of current PTWs.

Twin Headlamps on an FF.

I recently read an account of Royce's accident with the Fiat 132 on Voyager 002, back in the 80s. It said that the accident happened in the dark on a country road. I wondered if this was correct. I had always thought it happened in Bristol. If it is correct, I wonder whether the motorist had mistaken two closely placed headlamps on the bike, for a car much further away. As many FFs have twin headlamps, including my Delta, it may be something to consider. I certainly have no wish to emulate Royce's crash testing regime!

Finally, the penny drops...

The seventies 'oil shocks' showed the need for more efficient vehicles, a need that has not become less urgent... Two wheelers are the most efficient way possible of transporting two people and some luggage but will never achieve a mass market and any useful effect, unless they avoid the deficiencies in comfort, handling and safety sufffered by the motorised bicycle.

FF First run

Hi everybody, The latest image and the video link ? shows my very first run in my cabin FF. It’s a one-off chassis, following on from what I learnt from electrifying the Phasar and earlier projects in the past, and starting with a fresh sheet of paper, so the only limitation is your imagination, and the mechanical interfacing of the parts, building a dream.

Wheelbase dimensions for various FFs and related vehicles

56" Broom/Hesketh Mako FF
58.5" Creasey HiTechati FF
59-61" Middleton Honda/Kawasaki 500 FF conversions
60" Gurney FF
60" Honda CTX
60" Fryer VeloFF
63" Wreford KawaBanana
63.4" BMW C Evo
64" Rowledge "Heart of Gold" FF
64" Suzuki Burgman 650
64" Pegrem Genesis MK1 (Burgman 650 based) FF
64.5" Creasey Voyager FF
67" New GW Honda/Indian Roadmaster
67" CX500 Difazio Flying Banana FF
68" Newell Z1300 Phasar FF
72" Newell TwinHeadSteer RD250LC FF
72" Creasey Monoliner FF
72" Pegrem Genesis MK2 and MK3 FF
74" Lawrence Talbot FF
74" Horn FF racer
77" Newell Quasar FF

Wheels, Tapas and Juntas (not FF)

FFers, Graham and Colin forsook the Ffaith and rode GS, and Duke to southern Spain, along with Mike (Tiger) , Steve(Crossrunner) and Tom (Varadero)

Still Here?
So – another year and we are still (just) on the EU membership list (see Last Hoorah 2018). But for how long - now the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.
For the moment, Spain is still welcoming, and we are getting fonder of it at each visit. Previous trips had shown much promise, and this one proved it was not all a fluke.

FF Body moulds for sale

Hi everybody Slight exageration, but since selling Phasar ive now built another rolling chassis for electric drive with trailing arm drop down stabilisers, and i am now trying to cover her over, hence legend.

Mystery French FF....?

Anyone know anything about this? Pictures taken from here:

FF racer at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Submitted the racer for entry into the Quail show (THE bike show in the USA) - it was accepted! Abhi Eswarapppa from Bike-urious wrote a very enthusiastic article on it.

Difazio style hub for sale /swop

Hi As header front hub all appears to be new, laced on 18" alloy rim, and new racing tyre, but this has now perished, swap for BMW/Hossack front end, prefer to include the front wheel, discs callipers, and pref ABS. will try uploading pic, but if you require more just text your email to my phone, 07964049808 and I can send more. yours Dave

Phasar sold

Hi Everybody as title Phasar now sold, had a tremendous amount of interest of one, so it doesn't say much if ime trying to carve out a niche market for my self. Sold it with the electric motor, and a controller, so you may find it sneaking up on you in the near future.

Phasar for sale

Hi everybody as title, Phaser is now for sale, ive been persuaded to carry on work full time till March, meaning very little is going to get done, and realistically although I have learned a lot from this project it was only ever a test mule, to establish viability, and to that end it has met its target, and spending further time on this, without financial gain, would be counter productive.

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