FF motorcycles available for sale

Hi everybody, From my title entry I assume I am at this time the only manufacturer of FF motorcycles in the UK and possibly even beyond. I had hoped to have posted this after forwarding my second outing of my current electric FF project/mule, but this has not been possible due to reasons below, as it would appear for all my hard work I have now been rewarded with another hernia, so it will be several more weeks before I can work properly again hence the delay. This may not be your normal sales pitch, but its true, and whilst i will be out a few weeks after surgery, i am happy to go over my ideas to prospective buyers. Despite casting myself onto the rocks several times with my hopes and ideas to the Niche Vehicle Network for funds it has come to no avail, but over time I have slowly been putting together a system that I think will work, and although my first FF outing video was not as slick as some offerings, if this was all I was able to offer I would never of started, but I had hoped that my video of my little escapee from a fairground ride was just a bit of light relief. Ive been back on this site I think to Oct 2017 where I offered to make an FF at cost, and had no takers, and I am just asking again if anybody seriously wants to buy a new totally enclosed Electric FF 120 mph and 300 mile range for half the price of a E Racer, £43000 if so i can fulfill that need, but if you wish, i could also build you a vehicle capable of 1000 miles to enable the Lands end run for the same price, and all i would still ask is £1000 deposit and stage payments as the project develops, and if at ANY time you get cold feet a full refund of all monies already paid, less just a £500 admin fee. Most of you must think i am a fool coming onto this site with such claims, especially after seeing my first video, but if you were to find out as you watched trackside from Goodwood or go the oldtimers festival at Nürburgring or similar and watching some of the Chevrons and Aston martins passing by you with help from parts made by me, or if you were to go to the Isle of Man on one of the big Sea cats, and were aware my 5" dia gudgeon pins were helping to propel you along, shows i really am a fool, this was my business, and i have now stopped making these and many other parts just to build my FF and enable me to try to make a positive change, and give something back. I am still going to keep applying for funds to NVN if for no other reason than when i have made a positive change i can then confirm how much help i didn't get, it just isn't going to happen any other way, so we have to get on with it ourselves, i can so i will, and although i do now have sufficient funds to complete my first off, it would be good to know i was not alone in my aspirations, All i am trying to do is show another way, and eventually hope more people will follow, plus i have to say i love the challenge, and would hope to also eventually incorporate my existing FF into a Carver esque E trike. Not everyone has either the funds or wish to pursue any ideas but their own, good, and to that end, although i don't wish to start making parts for anybody elses projects, i do have a large quantity of materials including fibreglass rolls and parts available, and happy to sell in the small quantity's required for such projects to further finance my own. Wanted BMW complete front end pref with ABS or possible Busa or similar front end. Contact da420354@gmail.com yours Dave

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Get well soon

I wish you good health and success with your project.


Amen to that!

Thanks for the support, its

Thanks for the support, its more than a bit inconvenient, but some poor sods are really ill, so no complaints, fortunately (ha) my order book is not as yet currently full, but I will be putting my incarceration to good use and will be sparking up my CAD CAM System a H4 pencil, for inspiration. Yours Dave