More from Electric Motorcycle News!

It's obviously time for electric FFs to spread their wings! Good to hear of Dave Arthurs project, another person who's found the Niche Vehicle group ("promoting disruptive low carbon vehicles") completely useless, but pressed on regardless - Monoliner is still moving towards first run.

"In other news" EMN has immediately published the article it asked me for, introducing FFs, along with some nice pictures. There are all from my archives, as they asked for Hi-resolution but all other FF proponents can contact EMN with their own High resolution pics - Quasar, Monotracer are mentioned. I tried to cover as many bases as possible in the 1200 word piece, sorry if I missed anything.

It's impossible to know how much reaction this will cause, will E-power people connect with FF people? Who knows? but you gotta try!

Congratulations to Guy Selens and EMN for being open to new concepts! Here's the piece;-