C-Evo. Is it even real?

There are several really good technical reports on BMW's very advanced E-powered scooter. It does seem to have all the power management features needed in a two wheeler and the i-3 car the software was developed from is a really nice drive. Performance, speed, range and so on, are all first class for current battery technology and bound to improve. Only the eye watering price, for what is basically a large scooter, is a deterrent.

But is it real? Only Park Lane BMW in London appear to have any knowledge of it, I've yet to see any road tests and it hardly appears at shows, being hidden in corners rather than headlining. This must raise the suspicion that it's an R&D special, built as a technology demonstrator using regional or state grants, with no real intention of making series production.

I look forward to a road test to dispell this idea. Over to you Paul...

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Read all abaht the BMW C evolution Plus in Autovolt magazine!

I can recommend a read of my 6 page feature on the new C evolution Plus in the August/September 2017 issue of Autovolt magazine.
I covered some 400 miles on the machine over 10 days and took it to two separate electric vehicle conferences in London.
There's a photo of it in one corner of the front cover and it is also mentioned on the editorial page.
I will put up a jpeg of the first two pages in the appropriate place to prove I'm not making this up.
Back issues, in either digital or paper form, can be ordered from here:
The BMW Cevo is a top seller in France. It was prominently displayed at the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC a few weeks ago, just as it was last year.
Vines Motorrad of Guildford kindly lent me this C evo Plus, just as they lent me the first version of the machine in 2014, when it first came out, and another Mk1 Cevo in 2015 when I took it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, as seen elsewhere on bikeweb, here: http://bikeweb.com/node/3166


Excelent Paul! Exactly the person to write the review that will be most useful to the people on this list.

I mean, forget about the scooter - who cares about that stuff? What matters is the powertrain. how well does the power management work in practic? in the wet? how would you see it's performance envelope fitting into the FF spectrum? How does it shape up an an FF powertrain? How horribly pedestrian etc.?

You are manifestly the only person qualified to write the evaluation of the C-evo's potential as an E-FF powertrain. I look forward to reading it on bikeweb!