Pre-1978 bikes go MOT-free in May 2018

My VMCC magazine* tells me that as of next May, bikes over 40 years old will become MOT exempt**, and this will roll on every year maintaining the 40 year period. This does not apply to modified vehicles or Q-plated vehicles (damm!).

This should make keeping early Quasars on the road easier at least.


*both I and my bike are over 25 years old, it's the obvious club to join, insurance discounts, news, easy outrage.

**I suspect this is a typical Euro Fudge. Either a whole set of enviro regulations and tests had to be written for the old stuff, basically impossible, or it had to be banned, politically unacceptable. Solution? Write them out of the system as irelevent - hardly any vehicles make 40 years. Hooray for pragmatism!