Phasar for sale

Hi everybody as title, Phaser is now for sale, ive been persuaded to carry on work full time till March, meaning very little is going to get done, and realistically although I have learned a lot from this project it was only ever a test mule, to establish viability, and to that end it has met its target, and spending further time on this, without financial gain, would be counter productive. I never intended to convert the Phasar to full enclosure, i always intended to just start again, and to that end, I have today, purchased a late, complete back end off a Hayabusa and it is this new part, which has now prompted me to pass the vehicle on.

The bike is currently in bits again, and can be sold as just the rolling chassis, and all the bodywork ( minus the rear sprocket) and you can then decide if you wish to rebuild as std, or go down the electric route, and it is then available as several options as below.

1) Rolling chassis complete, includes new front tire, and a pair of nearly new front shocks, all the bodywork, and some brake components (minus rear sprocket) £1250
2) As above but including the existing pump motor and controller £1700
3) As above plus 40 off 3.2v x 90ah lifepo4 cells all brand new July 2018 and 36 off were required giving approximately an 11KW pack £5900
4) If you want to go down the AC motor route instead, I also have a Sevcon controller, and the Ashwood motor to go with it, which was used to drive a batch of early hybrid Ford Transit vans £6600

5) If your not in a rush I am more than happy to build her up on your behalf, in any configuration you may wish, and don’t be fooled by the old forklift pump motor, with the correct controller and a different battery pack 250hp is easily available, all be it in short bursts, or you fry the motor, and it will reduce your mileage, but very lively. £14000

6) If there is little interest in the above, I would possibly be prepared to sell the lifepo4 cells on separately, I may also have another set of new cells, an 18KW pack available composed of 3.2v x240ah x 24 off cells but please note these are only 1c continuous but ideal for standby/solar or low output vehicle, not decided yet but will confirm.
I also now have a full Leaf pack, which I may split, let me know if you are interested. A picture of the bike is already on this site on Malcolm’s bike page, but I can easily fire you more across to your email if anybody is interested, or if you just want a bit of info for your own project, more than happy to pass on what help I can, give us a bell on 07964049808 preferably after 1900, but before 2200. Yours Dave