FF Body moulds for sale

Hi everybody Slight exageration, but since selling Phasar ive now built another rolling chassis for electric drive with trailing arm drop down stabilisers, and i am now trying to cover her over, hence legend. Basically this is the rear section canopy off a Tornado strike aircraft, and the front will also be available shortly, sizes roughly 1200L X 875 at one end tapering down to 830mm at the other, its not much differnt than a curved 1.5mm ali sheet, and If your hoping its just a case of glassing up the inside, and a fabulous body emerging you will be very disapointed, but it can save a lot of time even if only used in strips. The real beauty for me was if it had of been closer to size, you could have glassed up the inside, for your one off, and then glassed up the outside to make the buck, if only. Ive also got the underside of a cannoe i am am currently looking at, and also intend removing our curved shower screen at some time, none of it perfect, but hopefully i can jigsaw in enough shapes, and get them to roughly to blend in, and save days rubbing down, (and my elbows) and all for the price of a few tins of duck. Note the resin attacks the perspex, so not perfect for long term use, plus their is also a few more titanium fittings and bolts ect i hope to remove before sale, selling for £100, but would also like of swap, anybody who has a glider canopy, good smashed or bashed, its too thin to be used on the bike, but ideal for modelling. Located in Widnes Cheshire Tel 07964049808

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