FFs by accident..

Interesting entry on Electric Motorcycle News (EMN) the online "newspaper". See https://electricmotorcycles.news/blitz-is-hiring-a-technical-manager-and-technicians-for-its-benelux-operations/ for an early example of an electric cargo scooter from a company that overtly recognises the potential market, rather than relying on enterprising youth tacking deivery boxes onto cheap ICE scooters.

Although their cargo scooter (for McDonalds as shown) is literally just an electric scooter with a large cargo box tacked on the back it will be difficult not to use the box as a seat back, as many 'home-made' cargo scooter users already do. Other pictures show larger scooters that are quite close to FF parameters, given a seat back and slight seat base lowering (See also the website) Text in the news item and on the website make their interest in 'last mile' delivery systems quite clear. Looking at this site it seems they could easily arrive at an FF-definition electric cargo scooter by a simple process of evolution.

A further step to a full-on two-seat electric FF is largely a matter of re-arranging the seat and turning the cargo box into a more modest, integrated boot (or 'trunk' for Merkan readers).

The question is - would it help if anyone told them about Bikeweb, or should they just be left to re-invent this particular wheel?