Arnold announces....

Just had a massive mail from Arnold Wagner, all in German, including documents and some quite lovely pictures of the current E-racer. It may be had news, starts with "Ein Grosse problem...." I'm hoping for a synopsis from Ingrid, anyone else on the mailing list should keep an eye open. Much too big to post here, I'll see if I can extract a picture.

If I was rich I'd buy an E-racer... As I'm not I'll get on with changing the pads on this old Voyager.

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Ein Grosse problem

If you could post the email up (assuming it's essentially in the public domain) I could have a go at translating, like I did the last one.

Not sure...

Ingrid has run through this mighty trove of documents and pictures and I'm not entirely sure that it's intended for publication, or even that it should have been sent to me. Lots of internal company stuff, etc. Someone's cat may have walked over the keyboard... Definitely not a press release! I'll mail Arnold and see what the story is. I kinda assumed that Blez would be all over it by now - he's the FF journalist innit?


then of course there’s the old riddle about how many cats walking over how many keyboards before they produce one FF CAD design that sells!