Re-invention contiues

Another interesting entry in Electric Motorcycle News;-

The most overt electric "Cargo-Scooter" offering yet. If this continues it seems inevitable to me that FFs will be re-invented by electric scooter manufacturers. None of whome will have heard of Bikeweb, Peraves, Lightning, or indeed the term "FF"

It's interesting to see how many bike couriers use their cargo box as a backrest - and even more interesting to observe how, in an unprecedently connected world, how little connection there is across the tiny field of PTW designers and manufacturers. I'm reminded of our one-time contributor Mr. Partridge who refused to look at other FFs "in case it polluted the purity of his innovation"

But maybe it's a national thing. BMW, in 1985, had never heard of Difazio. Munch, just a few years ago, had never heard of FFs, despite them being specifically mentioned in the race rules they were running a bike to. Homework, it seems, is something people stop doing the moment they leave school.