long Peraves in-cockpit video

Here's quite a lengthy video from Peraves, all in-cockpit, shot on the road and Brno circuit, a lot in wet conditions. Answers a lot of questions. It's not a racer but it plays well on the autobahn. Very interesting watching the screen clearing rain at different speeds. For many reasons.


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and there's more...

Further news and video's at https://electricmotorcycles.news/monoracer130e-prototype-will-be-eu-certified-and-is-ready-for-production/ as Peraves goes for the mainstream - of E-PTWs that is. You can buy an uprated "as new" Monotracer (The previous model) with the latest battery pack, for only 55,000 Euro's. The first Mono racer has aleasdy been delivered.

Just think, at this rate Peraves will feature in an actual motorcycle magazine soon! Hope it's not too boring reading about an actual new E-FF that can be bought - if you're rich. At least it isn't as endless stuff about FFs built decades ago. Maybe someone should start a 'Classic FF' site so everybody else can get on with the future...

Although it would be even better if someone started building cheaper E-FFs, FF cargo scooters even. Unless the PTW industry has a better idea it's been keeping secret all these years - and, BMW, that's not a C-Evo with a roof! (What's wrong with these guys?)