Please delete....

There are better things to do and better places to spend my time......

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Designers, hah.

Great that you're still finding these for us Rob, but to save Royce the trouble of commenting, I offer these summaries for the purist. In the meantime how is the latest Rohorn project coming along?
Unnecessarily wide, seems to be designed to reduce airflow
Post apocalyptic, impossible to lean for fear of ripping of the cylinder heads, massive unsprung weight from hydraulics
Voyager without the aerodynamics or storage
See above, with folded styling
Futuristic mess with heavy wheels
Voyager without the aerodynamics or storage, again
See above, with folded styling, again


I'm grateful for Martin's synopsis. On the basis of 'doing for five bob what any damm fool can do for a quid' I was stopped from investigating beyond the titles by "Recumbant motorcyclcles" rather than "FF". Leaving aside the smell of roses and the consumption of ink I suggest it reveals either a lack of basic homework on the subject of Powered Two Wheelers or an weakness for long words.

At least the homework slackers are in good company. The British State (The 'organisation', not the one we're in) is entirely ignorant about PTWs - and, of course, much else.



True that

It's difficult to be optimistic, given the level of awareness here about the act of creation. My experience suggests that the major task in novel vehicle design is achieving a quality of driveability that overwhelms any novelty in the vehicle. This takes actual miles of testing,evaluation and subsequent development of a real vehicle. This can't be done in software. Ask the F.1 people...

Basic vehicle design has really all been done. Novelty is possible but needs careful study of what all the other damm fools have done, plus all the boring stuff detailed by Newton and more recently in the sciences of aerodynamics and ergonomics. This may have been mentioned previously.

Innovators addicted to the glowing screen might do better to seek a cheaper PV panel, or a really cheap, stable and long-lasting electrical storage system. Probably more relevent than a better PTW. Do that and have enough money to pay BMW to build an FF for them...

Goodbye Robert Horne,

Difficult to argue with Rob's decision but sad to lose the only person who's actually built and raced an FF. I'd leave too, but there's still things to do, look out for the sale offering of a partially complete FF, with Voyager HCS front-end soon (I'm told) and there are still heroic innovators out there working up their own FF designs, while the world burns and efficient vehicles are ever more neccessary.

Meanwhile FJ soldiers on and I'm hopeful of displaying another photo when it hits 35 years old next February - will it make 'historic' status in another five years? Also the nostalgia sufferers need somewhere to post endlass archives of ancient FF photos, presumably as some form of therapy. And the site operates as a valuable reminder of how crap global vehicle manufacturers are.

So good luck Rob and thanks for demonstrating that it's easily possible to get on track with an FF - as an equally valuable reminder of how crap the F.I.M. is, not to mention the difference between people who want to race motorised bicycles and actual racers.

Please stay.

As header, when i first found this site, i was so happy, a single source and a mine of information, all readily available to hand, even pictures, i was not alone. Roll on 10 years, and i could say, of the site, (apathy) can't be arsed!!!!. Like you i am desperately trying to build something that the site want's or think they wan't, and i even offered to produce a vehicle at cost, just to get the ball rolling, or at least to generate some constructive feedback, what did i get, ZERO ZILTCH NOTHING i have also offered a free rolling chassis, and some perfect EV drive motors, and a complete centre hub wheel, STILL NOTHING, just key stokes into the ether, but point out a particular aspect of any design, and a plethora of experts emerge, all vying to stamp their opinion, not based on any experience they have gleaned from working at the coalface themselves, but just expert armchair critics, i agree the site, is a complete and utter waste of time and space. Now step back a few yards, and what do you see, well from my own perspective, it's a bit of an insult to Julian for a start, like all of us, he has far better things to do with his time, but has faithfully maintained this site for a very long time, on our behalf, just to ensure we have a site to go to, and i for one am very appreciative. From my own perspective, i now have a virtual FF bible, courtesy of Royce, and from going to a few meetings over the years have also met some wonderfully interesting people, and also their unique vehicles, as well as people like Paul Blizard ( sorry Paul ) who has ridden more FF vehicles than any person alive, quite an eclectic mix. When i first saw your own project, i was ( and still am ) impressed with your own designs, and have them read several times over, eagerly awaiting the next instalment, and progress. All i can say is i will be sad to see you go, and despite your current mindset that nobody can be arsed here, its not true, and despite a few gaps, a lot of people are quietly beavering away, honing their skills, and although no expert, i do regard myself as a fellow constructor, so for me you will be sorely missed, as you say we are thin on the ground, and sites like this for me are priceless, thanks' Julian.


And yeah, thanks Julian. FF hall of fame.